Huntsville/Decatur TV

Early Days
Birmingham TV
Huntsville/Decatur TV
Florence Era






1965- Benny moves to WAAY-TV 31 in Huntsville.

1967- Benny moves to WMSL-TV 23 in Decatur and becomes manager/part owner. 

The studio was in top of Mutual Savings Life Building in Decatur




Benny Bucks could be spent on prizes at the auction


1969-WMSL moves from Decatur(23) to Huntsville (48) and goes COLOR

  theme from late'60's show click to go (youTube)


    1969  Benny Carle today owns a AM radio station and 2 LPTV stations in Florence 

Kids shows fade away across country in the early 1970's ,Benny is station GM and does some on-air.

blast back into Huntsville TV history. Check this out:



1974-Station becomes WYUR-TV 48.  By 1977 Benny and family moves to Florence. (next chapter)


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